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TWEENS & teens who have
caused sexual harm

Here is some very basic information about what to do if you find out that a youth you care about has caused some kind of sexual harm or assault.

Stay calm. You are not alone, and there are people who can support you and the youth.


Assure the youth that you care about them, and you are worried for them. Tell them you know that they are more than the choice or choices that they have made. Let them know that you will support them in taking responsibility and making amends. Tell them you can connect them with people who can help. Be as honest as possible about who else you need to talk to about what has happened, and anything you know about what might happen next.


Review age-appropriate ways of talking about what taking accountability looks like. This resource is geared more towards grown people, but the basic principles can be adapted for young people.


You can also get immediate help and support navigating this conversation from Stop It Now.

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